Apsara Interior Design

With a childhood spent between sunny Laguna Beach, California and chilly New Canaan, Connecticut, the daughter of two avid architecture fans, Tracey Garet grew up with modernist style and savoir-faire in her blood. But Garet is no purist; what she excels at is bridging the styles she loves, creating a warm, worldly mix of Asian and African motifs and the high-modernist tropes she knows so well. If this sounds like a dichotomy in decoration, therein lies Tracey Garet’s singular talent. She can use a wealth of ethnic motifs and materials to soften and give character to hard modern edges; she can use the crisp classicism of midcentury European design to give her far-flung, imaginative treasures a more sophisticated mien. A compulsive wanderer since she was a teenager, Garet always knows just what to bring back from her travels — and just where to put it.

Residential Page: A visual feast of photographic images featuring private residences and individual commissioned projects spanning more than twenty years of Apsara Interior Design's fascinating history.

Apsara Lighting : Custom Plaster Chandeliers designed by Tracey Garet. A new addition to the Apsara Design aesthetic. As an interior designer, Tracey has provided her clients with these chandeliers for years, and with the Apsara Lighting page, she now offers a glimpse into the designs for everyone to see. All Chandeliers are custom made to order, with a variety of finish options, ranging from white to bronze and gold.