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The driving force behind Apsara Interior Design is the influential interior & furniture designer  Tracey Garet.  Tracey began her career in the creative arts when she founded the cutting edge gallery; The Tracey Garet Gallery in a ground floor space in the world-renowned East Village in the 1980’s .
Tracey Garret’s life and career have been intertwined within the world of Asian Contemporary Art and Antiquities for over twenty years. With regular trips to Asia,  especially Bali, she has absorbed its exotic culture. Tracey’s evolution as a designer hybrid began through use of the aesthetic sharp contrasts of east and west. With dynamic ease, she has created a natural sophistication of  modern imperialism. 
The dramatic, yet quiet sense of unexpected mystery that one feels upon entering a room designed by Tracey Garret is one of her trademarks. One experences the emotion of delighted in being visually captivated by the seamless union of past & present - east & west which look’s as natural together under the direction of Tracy’s team as do flora and fauna in the wild.

Tracey Garet expanded her vision and evolving concepts of modern interior design in private residences,  believing that all these facets are a part of one vision and inextricably linked by opening The Apsara Retail Store and Gallery in East Hampton in the Spring of 1997. In June 2014 APSARA INTERIOR DESIGN moved to 12 East 14th Street in New York City; east of Chelsea the long established mecca of the contemporary art world.

We are pleased to invite you into Tracy Garet’s world via our Virtual Store and Design Quarterly.

Sanctuaries, a visual feast of photographic images selected from private residences and individual commissioned projects spanning over twenty years of APSARA INTERIOR DESIGN’s fascinating and exotic history.

Objet trouvé is pure inspiration for the viewer. Curated objects from the seventeenth century to the present are on offer at Apsara Interior Design site alone.

Objet d'art Page, contemporary objects designed by Tracey Garet and  is distinguished by her unique blending of the exotic and the minimal. Her highly stylized objects explore the seductive glamour that is Tracy Garet & Apsara Interior Design Today

Tracey Garet continuing to take on challenges by exploring and committing to experimentation and collaboration with artists and ideas of cultural identity and craftsmanship. With her daring, confidence, experience and creativity working with innovative artists and materials, we look forward to her upcoming collection of original exquisite objects.

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